Year 3

The Year 3 teachers are:

  • Miss J Bertenshaw (Head of Year, PSHCE co-ordinator)

  • Mrs V O'Connor

  • Miss N O'Malley

  • Mrs M Evans

The following teachers also teach in Year 3:

  • Miss R Davies (PE, Topic)

Pupils will also be supported in all areas of the curriculum by the teaching assistants in the year group.

Homework – Year 3

Pupils are expected to read each night and keep a record of books read, in their home school diary. They will also have spelling words to learn each week.  A written piece of Mathematics and English homework will be set weekly, on the following days:


Subjects are set alternate weeks

Mathematics:   set Thursday, due in following Monday

English:                set Thursday, due in following Monday


We also ask that parents/carers encourage their children to regularly practise their times table and basic number facts (i.e. number bonds to 10/100). Once children know these facts well, they can then learn the associated subtraction and division facts (e.g. 6 x 4 = 24 so how many 4's are in 24?). They may also receive homework in other subjects occasionally throughout the year.