School Council

The School Council meet on a regular basis under the guidance of our PSHCE Co-ordinator, Miss Bertenshaw.  The School Council members have a number of important jobs within the school, such as:

  • Collecting suggestions from the pupils in their year group and presenting them at  School    Council meetings (these issues then get discussed at staff meetings).

  • Giving guided tours of the school during Open Day to other visitors.

  • Helping on parent/carer teacher consultation evenings or concert evenings.

  • Representing our school at important events.


Each term, three school councillors are chosen to attend the Poole Junior Schools Council Forum, where they meet with school councillors from schools across the Borough to discuss chosen issues such as the environment and the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. They also network with the children from other schools to get ideas of how they can improve our school.

The School Council has also worked closely with Becky Lucas to help with the redevelopment and design of a number of local parks. They had lots and lots of ideas and many of them have been incorporated into the new Oakdale Community Park and the new Green Road Park in the Old Town of Poole. Their efforts were even recognised by the Mayor during the opening ceremony of Oakdale Community Park.