Our Staff

Here is a list of all our teaching and support staff:

Headteacher: Mrs E Bissell 

Deputy Headteacher: Mr G Woolley

Assistant Headteacher: Miss J Horlock

SENCO: Mr C Robinson

Year 3

Miss J Bertenshaw (Year Leader)

Miss L Mitchell

Miss B Wakefield

Mr C Monk

Mrs L Haywood


Year 4

Mrs E Vadgama (Year Leader)

Mrs L Hancock

Mrs L Rosa

Miss C Steel

Mrs C Tillett (Maternity)



Year 5

Mr D Wingrove (Year Leader)

Mrs S Doyle

Mr R Hanmore

Miss L Forsyth

Mrs E Wilson


Year 6

Miss Knowles  (Year Leader)

Mr S Thomas

Miss R Arnold

Mrs L Seddon

Miss L Neale


Other Teaching Staff:

Miss R Davies (PE)

Mr K Jackson (PE)

Mrs M Collins

Mrs A Hanmore (Maternity)

Mrs N Goodridge

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Athar, Mrs M Bayliss, Mrs J Bissell, Mrs S Black, Mrs S Campey, Mrs S Dunkley, Ms J Fricker, Mrs E Gale, Mrs Z Johnstone, Mrs D Kilshawe-Fall,  Mrs L Lee, Mrs C Martindale,   Mrs B Moore,  Mrs V O'Connor, Mrs A Tollerfield


Cover Supervisor:

Miss S Avery

Other Support Staff:

School Business Manager:  Mrs E Macpherson

Finance Officer: Mrs K Williams

PA to the Headteacher: Mrs L Scrivener

Administrative Assistants: Mrs C Ball, Mrs R Cameron, Ms C Jackson, Miss L Lewis

IT Technician: Mr I Gamlin

Librarian: Mrs J Hansen

Pastoral Support Worker: Mrs C Deakin

Community Development Officer: Ms K Allen

Reprographics: Mrs K Rigler

Site Manager: Mr R Bailey