After School Clubs


Clubs on offer - Autumn term 2018 : 

Clubs include:

Art                                               Karate Kids                                 

Big Bang Science                  Lego                              

Chicken Care                         Multi-sports                                            

Choir                                          Netball

Cross Country                       SCAPA Theatre                    

Dodgeball                                Sports Leaders

Football                                     Tag Rugby                     

Funday Club                            Unicycle               

Indoor Athletics                    Volleyball



Children or parent/carers who wish to know more should ask their class teacher. 

The school’s half termly newsletter ‘Oakdale Post’ will also carry Club information.


Parent/carer permission is needed in writing to allow pupils to stay for these activities on the

occasions when they take place before or after school.


Please see our latest club letter for the Autumn term 2018 - refer to dates and timings.