20 years of Oakdale at School Lane

20 years of Oakdale at School Lane

To mark the last 20 years, we are planning a public exhibition of memorabilia from the last 112 years.  There are school attendance records, log books, photographs, artefacts, letters, punishment books etc. already available.  Should you have any memories, photographs, items that can be shared/copied/borrowed, please let the school know.  Research has found records of staff members’ grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends…so interesting!

Another Reading Partner Training session was held in school earlier in term.  This continues to enable pupils to have ‘extra’ volunteer reading partners in school to support them with reading progress.  Please let Mrs Allen know if you would like to join the next Reading Partner Training session.  All volunteer help in school is very much appreciated.  

The Friends of Oakdale have put in an immense amount of hard work, creativity and dedication to a range of activities for pupils.  Recently 15 ‘Swing Balls’ were purchased by the Friends and pupils have enjoyed playing with them at lunchtime! On behalf of the pupils, staff and parents/carers, I would like to say a very big “thank you” to those members of the committee that give so tirelessly. If you would like to give some time to support the ‘Friends’ of Oakdale, please contact the school or Mrs Moore.

Finally, recognition should be given to the collaboration between the six schools of our Multi-Academy Trust, Harbourside Learning Partnership.  All the teachers from our six schools (Baden-Powell, Lilliput, Couthill, Old Town, Oakdale and Longfleet) have attended twilight mathematics training sessions at Oakdale.  There have been several network meetings between different leaders to develop improvements in education for all our pupils.  For example, English subject leaders have shared best practice and moderated writing across our schools. 

This way of working will continue to secure the very best education for pupils at Oakdale Junior School.  We are delighted to be a part of

HLP’s collaboration!  You can keep up to date with Harbourside Learning Partnership at http://www.harbourside.academy