Backstage Tour of The Lighthouse

Backstage Tour of The Lighthouse


Backstage Tour


Last week 14 Year three children attended an exciting back stage tour of the Lighthouse alongside children from Winchelsea School, another one of Lighthouse's partner schools. 


The children were very excited to see the dressing rooms and to stand on stage where the actors were in the Christmas pantomime Cinderella.


All the rigging was down so we were able to see how the technicians fixed the lights on the bars and maneuverer them back up.


We learnt how all the chairs could disappear under the floor in the concert hall to make one huge space. 


In the studio, Stephen Wrentmore (Artistic Producer) showed the children how a smoke machine worked and used a stage light to show them how atmosphere was created on stage.


The children were very well behaved and took great care as they accessed all areas!


Thanks go to the Lighthouse for this opportunity. We're really looking forward to the next one! 


Mrs O'Connor

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