Year 4 Oceanarium Trip


Year 4—Oceanarium Trip by Lauren Jones 4CS


Year 4—Oceanarium Trip:

This term 4CS went to the wonderful

Oceanarium and saw many creatures.  They had an amazing experience learning about all the different species.  I’m sure they enjoyed it a lot, it was a really fun trip.

In the Oceanarium we found lots of creatures like sharks, otters, turtles and many, many different fish.  When we went we had a guide, her name was Emily.  She told us many facts like male seahorses give birth and the females do not.  

Then we came across an iguana, it was a male.  It had been rescued by a company and sent to the Oceanarium.  Its favourite food was yellow peppers.  Also some people knew it was a male because of the bump on its neck.

After that we found some baby turtles, they were so cute!  They had just been born by their mummy, everyone loved them.

Then we went into a room that had no light and it was called the “Abyss” and we saw a sea anemone.  As we walked through the “Abyss” there were huge tanks with two stingrays and three sharks.

It was an incredible experience.